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by Poliana Irizarry

Jun 6

Jun 3


It seems like the title of an onion article, but it’s actually very serious. A study published today in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found that hurricanes with feminine names killed significantly more people than hurricanes with masculine names.  The authors looked at several decades of hurricane deaths (excluding extreme outliers like Katrina and Audrey) and posed a question: 

Do people judge hurricane risks in the context of gender-based expectations?

 According to their study, the answer is a big yes.

Laboratory experiments indicate that this is because hurricane names lead to gender-based expectations about severity and this, in turn, guides respondents’ preparedness to take protective action.

In other words, because of some deep-seated perceptions of gender, people are less afraid of hurricanes with feminine names. And that means they are less likely to evacuate.

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Jun 2

May 30
"One child is holding something that’s been banned in America to protect them. Guess which one." (h/t to @fichadelphia)

"One child is holding something that’s been banned in America to protect them. Guess which one." (h/t to @fichadelphia)

May 29

Images of POC reading

I’m gearing up for my library’s social media blitz for summer reading, but I want to find more cute & fun meme images with POC to post on our FB pages, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. Almost all of the ones I’ve found online are of white people. FFS, I’ve found more images of animals “reading” books than of Black or Brown people.

May 28

Historia de la Musica Rock: Locas



Between working on various writing projects – some fill-in scripting for Batman ’66 (issue 13, out this July!) a few back-up stories for a different comic book based on a TV show, a new graphic novel, and a bananas monthly book/webcomic with the tougher than leather Nate Doyle – I’ve been working on a strange labor of love: a mixtape of every song sung/played/talked about/heard in the original fifty issue run of Love & Rockets “Locas” stories by Jaime Hernandez.

The reason? Well, in addition to being a comics writer, I’m a music writer and journalist (lots of articles for Mojo and other magazines, plus a lot of album liner notes for a lot of different artists, including Dr. John’s Grammy-winning Locked Down). Music is one of my passions, and one day while flipping through some Locas stories it struck me how central music was to the experience of the characters. Or maybe central isn’t the right word – it was ESSENTIAL to their experience, from humming a song on the way to a job to going to a show to hanging out with some friends and listening to a record to cruising the strip in your car to watching TV. It’s all a part of the fabric of the lives of the characters, and it’s a testament to Jaime Hernandez’s storytelling abilities that each song that appears in the story feels natural and right. So yeah – using my galley copy of the giant Locas collection, I began identifying and listing every single goddamn piece of music over the course of 704 pages. Some stuff was annotated in the book, some stuff that wasn’t I knew off the bat, some songs required some creative use of search engines and a couple I had to crowd source, but I believe I got ‘em all.

What’s NOT here: Unfortunately, some of the most essential music in the stories is stuff made by the fictional bands Ape Sex and La Llorona/Missiles of October. Perhaps it’s better this way, because we can all still have our own idea of how awesome/terrible both of those bands are. When we fill it in ourselves it kinda makes the music MORE powerful. Also, there were a couple of instances where characters sang songs of their own invention to themselves. What am I gonna do?

What IS here: Lots of goodies for your listening pleasure. In one instance I made a judgment call – during a scene in the “Death of Speedy” storyline, the character Litos and his friends are chilling in a car listening to some music. The music isn’t identified, but it’s represented by the sound effect of THUMP CLAP THUMP CLAP. Having grown up half-Mexican in Southern California, plus knowing cholos and their musical taste in general, I assumed they could only be listening to one thing: Zapp featuring Roger Troutman. C’mon! The track I chose, “So Ruff, So Tuff” is technically a Roger Troutman solo jam, but it’s all Zapp to me. Also, the last two tracks are bonus; they were featured in a different Jaime story in L&R, but they’re so good I felt they deserved to be included.

(Credit where credit is due: The cover image of the mix — hastily cobbled together by the unskilled elves here at Bitchinville — includes part of Jaime’s cover to Love & Rockets #31.)



Heigh-Ho – The Dwarf Chorus

All Alone in the World – Ebenezer Scrooge

Sukiyaki - Kyu Sakamoto

Car Wash – Rose Royce

Police Story – Black Flag,

Friday on My Mind – The Easybeats

Two Faces Have I - Lou Christie

Death May Be Your Santa Claus – Mott the Hoople

Situations – The Middle Class

Jackson – Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash

So Ruff, So Tuff – Zapp

Valentine – The Replacements

Why Don’t You Love Me Like You Used To? – Hank Williams

You – X

I Am a Cliché – X-Ray Spex

Ay! Mamá Inés – Libertad Lamarque

Tear in My Beer – Hank Williams

Whipping Post – Allman Brothers

Theme From Pee-Wee’s Playhouse – Mark Mothersbaugh

I Can’t Do Anything – X-Ray Spex

Dead End Justice – The Runaways

Doowhutchalike – Digital Underground

Cycling is Fun – Shonen Knife

What’s the Matter With Flintstone? – Fred Flintstone Chorus

Metal Guru – T Rex

Wig Wam Bam – Sweet

Deuce – KISS

Le Freak – Chic

I Wanna Be Sedated – The Ramones

The American in Me – The Avengers

I Am Woman Hear Me Roar – Helen Reddy

Los Luchadores – Conjunto Africa

Space Station #5 – Montrose

Brother Jukebox – Don Everly

Dry Bones – Delta Rhythm Boys

Beer Barrel Polka (Roll Out the Barrel) – Andrews Sisters

Theme From ‘Amazing Three’ – Amazing 3

Entrada Llevatelo – Various Artists

Awesome Foursome – J.J. Evans and Friends

Teenage Kicks – Undertones

Bonus Tracks:

 Smash it Up Part 1 – The Damned

Smash it Up Part 2 – The Damned


The new issue of Shotgun Seamstress is here!


The new issue of Shotgun Seamstress is here!

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