Library Jawn

This is a jawn about libraries
by Poliana Irizarry

Apr 27


You guys, I might barf. My book is here! It’s “out” now, and available for purchase from the publisher, Microcosm, or from Amazon, and maybe other places too. I’ve also got a couple boxes of copies all for myself, so I’m going to bring some to the reading tomorrow and I think I’ll put some up on my etsy shop as well. They look so pretty, I’m really excited.

Be sure to pick up a copy of White Elephants, the new book from Philly zinester Katie Haegele. (Librarians: purchase it via Microcosm for discount pricing on large orders.)

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  1. thehumblecarnival said: Ahh! I’m so excited!!! Congrats!!!!! <3
  2. saintbeckett said: Put it on your ETSY shop> I want one.
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    YES! So excited to see this! All my minions and friends, buy this book, you WON’T be disappointed.
  4. internethistory said: I’m looking forward to receiving this.
  5. pickingbones said: sooooo exciting!!